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CCTV Maintenance

A CCTV Maintenance Contract is recommended by any reputable security company as part of the installation of the CCTV System and to ensure you receive excellent after sales service…

Computer Repair

Today businesses are operating on a 24×7 basis for capturing opportunities overseas. You can end up with a faulty component at any time of the day. To provide you with such services which can offer ..

Network Optimization

The goal of any network optimization is with the given set of constraints; ensuring an optimal network design with lowest cost structure and free flow of data. Network optimization should be…

Work Process

We have experience in many repair situations, fixing issues with us is highly succes



Damage Device

By calling us for your faulty PC/device or by sending us an e-mail.

Send To Us

You can send it to us or you can arrange an appointment for a pick-up.

Quick Fixing

We do the diagnosis. We will call for the cost. After the agreement, we proceed.

Fast Return

After resolving issues, we will deliver the system to your home/office ON-TIME.

We Use Genuine Parts to Fix your Device



Users usually hesitate in trusting a local vendor for repair services. But with us, you can be sure and at peace, we only use original parts for replacement. 


Genuine parts have been used to build your PC or system cycle. Genuine parts are made or selected by the hardware’s maker and rigorously tested by that maker as an integral component of the computer systems to meet high quality, safety and performance standards. This ensures that your computer will works, function and perform you the way it was intended.

150 +

Expert Technician

620 +

Devices Fixed Monthly

850 +

Happy Customer

950 +

Mobile Repaired

Reasonable Pricing

We have a monthly contract repair  services with Preventive Periodical Maintenance (PPM) and the best Anti virus in the world,Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)



12 Month

10,50/ month

1 PC/Laptop

2X Computer Repair per month

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 1 year

2X PPM per year

3X Call/Advice per month






12 Month

15,50/ month

1-2 PC/Laptop

2X Computer Repair per month

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 1 year

3X PPM per year

Free Supports

10X call/advice per month

1X E-mail address @yourname.computerij.com




12 Month

25,5/ month

1-5 PC/Laptop

8X Computer Repair per month

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 1 year

4X PPM per year

Free Supports

UN-limited call/advice per month

5X E-mail address @yourname.computerij.com

5 GB cloud backup space

Backup & Recovery

If you need any help please contact us!

Contact us – to our technicians are ready to solve your your problem